where & when

Adelaide Showgrounds.

Enter via Rose Terrace, Wayville SA 5034.

Can i go to oh yes?

Oh Yes is a licensed all ages event, however, we do recommend 16+. If you are under 16, we are still more than happy for you to come along, as long as you’ve cleared it with your parents!

It’s also best to ensure:

  • You come with a good group of friends
  • Set up meeting points at the start of the day
  • Look after each other (very important!)

do i need id?


And you purchased your tickets from Moshtix you just need to bring one of the below as proof you are the ticket holder:

  • ATM card
  • School card
  • Library card
  • Bus pass
  • Or some other form of ID that has your full name on it

If you purchased a hard ticket – you don’t need to worry about ID as the ticket doesn’t have your name on it.



If you purchased any type of ticket to Oh Yes  and you’re over 18 and you would like to access the bar – YOU NEED TO BRING VALID PHOTO ID.

Valid photo ID includes one of the following:

  • Current driver’s license
  • Current Passport
  • Current state issued Proof of Age Card

Oh Yes advises NOT to bring any original documents such as your birth certificate.

what to bring 

  • Your ticket! Treat it like gold!
  • Valid Photo ID
  • Sun protection
  • Hat
  • Good Vibes & a positive attitude
  • Cash

what not to bring

  • Glass
  • Cans
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Professional camera equipment such as SLR’s, large lenses or any external equipment such as tripods, lighting set ups etc. Small still cameras (for personal use only) and phones are permitted.
  • Skateboards, Scooters, Bicycles or any other mode of wheeled transportation
  • Chairs
  • Anything studded or spiked (jackets, belts etc)
  • Weapons or explosives of any kind
  • Flares, fireworks or sparklers
  • Selfie sticks
  • Laser lights, laser pens, or lasers of any kind
  • Water Pistols
  • Dogs or other pets (service dogs excepted)
  • Sound systems/stereos
  • Eskies/coolers
  • Nitrous Oxide bulbs
  • Drones
  • Anything that could be potentially dangerous or disruptive- use common sense!

what if i lose my ticket?


If you purchased your ticket via Moshtix, you, and everyone listed on the ticket, will have to go to a special line. There will be a nice and friendly ticketing customer service representative who can help you but they will be busy, so it may take some time. You will have to have photo ID with your name and date of birth.


If you purchased your ticket at an independent retain outlet, it cannot be replaced; you will need to purchase a new ticket from the event box office (unless the event is sold out).

Name changes on your ticket


If you purchased your ticket via Moshtix you need to change the ticket into your friend’s name. It costs $6.00 and the person who originally purchased the ticket must log in to their Moshtix account used for the booking.

If you have any problems please get in touch with moshtix via the support tab on their website:

Or call customer service on 1300 438 849.


If you purchased a hard copy ticket from an OH YES outlet, you can simply give that hard ticket to your friend.

Ticket Refunds

Tickets to Oh Yes are non-refundable. If the event is cancelled a refund will be processed.

Don’t worry, you will be contacted with instructions on what to do if this happens.

Can i sell my ticket on gumtree or ebay?

We DO NOT recommend this.

Oh Yes does not recommend purchasing tickets through any unofficial channels such as e-Bay or Gumtree and cannot guarantee a patron entry into the event with a ticket purchased via one of these channels.

What time does oh yes start & finish?

Gates open at 2:00pm with the first bands taking to the stage very soon after, and the event closes at 11:00pm.

can i leave oh yes & come back in?


There are no pass outs for Oh Yes, so make sure you bring in everything you’ll need for the day (including a jumper for when the sun goes down!). Don’t forget – we do offer cloakroom services for those who don’t want to carry everything with them all day.

can i bring alcohol?

No BYO alcohol is permitted. Security will be checking all bags and containers at the entrance and any alcohol found will be confiscated.

what is oh yes' drug policy?

Oh Yes has a no tolerance policy regarding the use of illicit substances.

Police sniffer dogs are not uncommon at events of this type, so to ensure you won’t miss out on any of the fun don’t bring anything illegal.

can i bring a water bottle with me?

We are more than happy for you to bring a sealed or empty water bottle to Oh Yes.

We offer free water stations across the festival site for you to fill up your bottles throughout the day.

Please note; soft drink, juice, milk, energy drinks, flavoured water, sports water or glass bottles are not permitted to be brought into the festival.

what if it rains?

Oh Yes will go ahead rain or shine.

If it looks like it’s going to rain, by all means bring a poncho or rain coat and your gumboots, but please leave the umbrella (all kinds) at home.

lost property

The Merch tent/Information booth is the place to go to hand in a lost item you’ve found at the event, or to see if someone has handed in an item lost by you or a friend.

Items not collected at the end of the night will be retained by the event organisers for 2 weeks after the event, after which time they will be discarded or donated to charity. Please email if you have lost something.

cloak room

The Merchandise Tent/Information Booth is the place to go to hand in a lost item you’ve found at the event, or to see if someone has handed in an item lost by you or a friend.

Items not collected at the end of the night will be retained by the event organisers for 2 weeks after the event, after which time they will be discarded or donated to charity. Please email if you have lost something.

food & drink 

Oh Yes will have a diverse selection of food truck options to give you the sustenance you need to make it through until the end of the night.

You will find options ranging from Chimichurri Grill and Pretzelmania, to vegetarian and vegan delights from Let Them Eat, Bahn Mi and much more.

If you have specific dietary requirements, we do recommend you play it safe and bring along some snacks to get you through incase our food vans can’t meet your needs.


There are a limited number of volunteer positions still available for Oh Yes, please register your interest here:


Media registrations are now closed for Oh Yes.


There are numerous transport options for patrons to use, including public and private transport.

Car Parking:

There are 3 paid car parks on Rose Terrace for the designated drivers.

Uber & Passenger Pickups:

Carpark 2 (on Rose Terrace, see map below) will be dedicated to Uber and Passenger Pickups.

Taxi Zone:

There will be a taxi zone, also on Rose Terrace in front of Carpark 1.


There are buses running on Goodwood road heading North (W90) at 10:45 & 11:37 and heading South at 10:42 & 11:42.


There are Trains running from the Showground Station Stop at the end of Rose Terrace heading Towards the city at 10:45, 11:45 & 12.45 and heading towards Belair at 10:28, 11:28 & 12:28.


There is a Tram stop 200M from Rose Terrace which goes towards the city every 20 mins until 11:45 and to the bay every 20 mins until 12:45

We recommend planning in advance how you will get home from OH YES- there are plenty of options to choose from!

conditions of entry

1. Entry is at own risk. The right to refuse entry is reserved.

2. The Promoter and the Venue shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damages sustained entering or within the premises.

3. There are no pass outs at Oh Yes.

4. Small still cameras (including those with a recording function) and mobile phones are permitted for personal use only. Professional still cameras (such as an SLR), professional video cameras (including go-pros), sound recording equipment and professional lighting and tripod set ups are not permitted at Oh Yes without written authority from the Promoters. Please respect the privacy of all other patrons, artists and service providers at Oh Yes when using your camera or mobile phone.

5. As members of the audience, ticket-holders consent to being included in photos, sound and live video recordings that can be used by the promoter or promoter approved media outlets for promotion of the event.

6. No BYO alcohol, soft drinks, juice, milk, energy drinks, flavoured water or sports water is permitted at Oh Yes.

7. No illicit drugs are permitted at Oh Yes.

8. No glass, knives, weapons, lasers, fireworks, umbrellas, prams, bulky items (such as eskies and folding chairs) or animals are permitted at Oh Yes.

9. All persons, bags and containers are subject to a full search at entry to ensure the safety of patrons. Prohibited items will be confiscated (and only returned at Promoters discretion) except for illegal drugs, which will be handed over to police.

10. A sealed plastic water bottle or an empty plastic water bottle is permitted.

11. Food is permitted.

12. Lost property will be held as a courtesy for two weeks (post-event) only. No responsibility is accepted by the Promoter for property lost at Oh Yes.

13. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse entry to any patron without appropriate identification. The only forms of valid photo ID that will be accepted are a current Australian driver’s licence, a current passport or a current state issued proof of age card. Please note that international driver’s licences are not valid forms of identification at Oh Yes.

14. It is a condition of entry that all patrons agree not to behave in a manner that interferes with the enjoyment of other patrons. Promoters and Security reserve the right to eject any person contravening this.

15. DANGEROUS ACTIVITIES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This includes aggressive moshing, stage diving, crowd surfing and climbing. Patrons participating in these dangerous activities will be evicted without right to re-entry or refund. The Promoter accepts no liability for any injuries or damages caused by these activities.

16. In the case of an emergency evacuation or situation, please follow all official directives.

17. The Promoters or the event will not be held liable for any hearing damage or loss. Use earplugs if necessary.

18. The Promoter reserves the right to change the line-up and/or the date of the event without prior notification. In the event of a change of the date or lineup, refunds will not be available.

19. Oh Yes plays rain or shine.

20. All conditions shown on the ticket are to be read together with all other statements or directives either shown on this ticket or displayed on the premises.

21. Should the ticket be re-sold or transferred for profit or commercial gain it will become void and the holder may be refused entry to, or ejected from the venue.

22. No refunds or exchanges except as in the Entertainment Industry Code of Fair Practice.

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